About us

HabaitBe Matityahu complex consists of 10 fully equipped and fully furnished apartments all of which have been completely renovated, and which are regularly maintained by our English speaking staff on a daily basis. Most notably, the apartments are conveniently located just across the street from Ben-Gurion University, the Soroka Medical Center and the new Gav-Yam High-Tech park in a quiet vibrant student neighborhood, and with direct access to the highway going to Tel Aviv, which is only an hour or so away.

MH Group operates and is in charge of the smooth day to day management of HabaitBe Matityahu complex. The Group is a one-stop-shop for international companies relocating employees to Israel and requiring full service, corporate housing of fully furnished apartments. Offering turnkey logistical solutions in support of corporate activities in Israel, so that companies can focus on doing their job rather than dealing with the myriad hassles involved with relocating to Israel. The MH Group possess local knowledge, contacts, people and systems to ensure the best outcome for both the company and the employees. You can rely on us to find you a perfect place to call home during your stay in Beer Sheva and the area. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable living experience in Israel.

The groups’ Chief Executive Officer is Michael Howard, a graduate in industrial engineering from Ben-Gurion University. Since leaving BGU he has, on his part, become a licensed Realtor in Israel, and has already acquired nearly a decade of experience in all manner of real-estate operations and international customer service. Given such background, it was perhaps just natural that Mr. Howard should have become aware of the housing logistic problems of international enterprises’ having connections with Israel in the Beer Sheva area, and who were experiencing difficulties in finding local accommodation in this area for their long and short-term consultants sent over to advise, and/or for non-Israel employees of theirs who were assigned to be relocated here.

Accordingly, as CEO of the MH Group, Mr. Howard duly set up high-end apartments for rent in the Beer Sheva area so as to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for international enterprises relocating consultants and non-Israel employees to this region of south Israel, and who required local, up-market, corporate housing of fully-furnished apartments with full service included.